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Traveling can be an exciting adventure with new things to see and do. This is especially true when one travels to a foreign location such as Malaysia. Many people dream of such trips but feel that, although they can afford the airfare, the cost for accommodations puts the trip beyond their budget. An exciting trip,
with reasonable accommodation costs, is visiting Malaysia and enjoying a homestay.

Homestay lodgings are available throughout the world but many people are unaware of the excellent opportunity to enjoy a special visit to another country. With homestays in Johor, Malaysia, it is possible for you stay in the host’s home with them present. They offer beautiful rooms at a reasonable price and are present to help you enjoy the different attractions of the area.

Staying in the area of Johor has many advantages. The largest state by land area, it has eight large islands and several smaller ones. It offers a pleasant place to stay as well as opportunity to enjoy exploring a large number of local activities. In addition, it is possible to catch a train and make a side trip to Singapore and Thailand.

When deciding to visit any area that have homestay lodgings, there are a number of steps which must be followed. These are:

• Decide the country you wish to visit.
• Go online and view the different homestays available. There will be pictures of the accommodations and a description of the host.
• Contact the host and see if your dates are available.
• Once you have decided this is what you want and mark appropriate boxes, a notification email will be sent.
• If the dates correspond with your trip, you will pay 15% deposit at time of booking.
• Complete the booking on line and pay the deposit.
• Those under 18 years must be accompanied by an adult.
• Many offer a price per room that is under $50 per night.

This is an excellent way to enjoy a vacation in a foreign country while saving a great deal of money on lodging. When checking on a homestay, all the requirements will be listed and you are able to see a picture of the accommodations.

It is always a good idea to check on the climate of the country in which you wish to visit. For example, in this particular part of the world the climate is tropical rainforest with monsoon rain from November through February.